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Well, It's Been A Ride These Last Weeks

  • Matt Zaske
  • April 06, 2020
  • 3 minutes

So I wound up putting a bit of a pause on posting this last month or so. Certainly not for a lack of things to say...but certainly for lack of time to nuance them. I've had to schedule and reschedule the various posts I had in progress (but not fully finished) a couple of times now. Hopefully I can get to the point of starting to regularly crank out new stuff on the normal schedule.

But first, this bit of a reset.

Hopefully anyone reading this is doing as well as can be, all things considered. The cynic in me says that if you're reading this, true levels of boredom have hit in your quarantine. It seems as though everything is indefinitely paused, except for that which cannot be. It's cliche, but there's a whole newfound respect for the front-line folks, and a respect that seems to shock the privileged (or just the assholes). Almost anyone who's worked successfully in a retail, service, or support role (regardless of industry or sector) knows that it's the front-line folk who get things done.

I spent the last month or so preparing and helping to guide segments of our campus computer fleet into roles for which it was never necessarily intended. The equipment is certainly capable, but it's been a whirlwind of activity to make sure folks can get what they need, actually determine what folks need, and bring them to a level of comfort to actually use what they need...with at least some level of success. Lots of trial by fire user education, but it's been good to see folks generally acquiesce where it's been necessary. None of us really want to be in some of these situations.

Closer to home, we all seem to be falling into our new normals. The girls are settling into their distance learning routines, Beth's managing to work from her shed (with Larry the shed cat) most days, and as of this last week I've actually been able to work from home for an entire week. The Internet is holding up just fine and other than the lack of in-person's generally okay.

We've unfortunately had to basically indefinitely postpone what is looking to be the entire first half of our community theatre's season, but I am thankful for an understanding membership and board of directors to help us all through it.

So there it is. Stay well, and expect some new material rolling out here in the next weeks. I'm thinking of doing a short series on random one-liners I've made that have been helpful for me. We'll see where it goes!

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