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Yard work with dog mowing lawn

With Summertime Comes Summer...Projects

This was going to be a real post, with some real substance (or at least something).

But then it happened:

Yard Work and Summer Projects

We had a reasonably nice weekend to do some outdoor work. While it's never complete, and always seems to be some sort of re-envisioning, the need to get some stuff done around the house has consumed my time these past few days.

It'll all be good, though. It's often cathartic in its own way, and the beer tastes ever so slightly better afterward (or in between, depending on the activities).

I'm just looking forward to the replacement storm/screen door on the back door. I've only had that sitting around to install for three weeks now. But the good news on that front is pretty simple: now with a few additional coats of paint on the door jamb and trim, I'll actually be able to install the new storm door in a few days. Much as I'd love to just install it and be done with it, letting the scraping, sanding, cleaning, priming/painting each run its own course is well worth the time, since it'll be done the right way and last that much longer in the end.

This was the week to have a non-technical post anyway, so there it is. Have a wonderful week!

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