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Better late than never?

As of today, the new site is out of maintenance mode and fully live. Hallelujah!

I look at it and see all of its quirks and flaws...and things unfinished. And I let my "good" override my "perfect." For now.

I have lots of random bits to finish tweaking, and surely several more bits to come. There are several styling issues I'd like to tweak (and simplify)--the bane of basing a template off of something else--but generally speaking things are in good working order.

Fiddling with and adding some Drupal modules is certainly forthcoming. Once the dust has settled some I'll fully blow away the old dev and test instances, porting my "production" changes back so I can keep things in proper order. Git will be my friend in that process. I've been using the test instance to make bigger config changes and then port it over manually to the prod site. Minor changes (including all of the theme changes) are happening in prod simply because: content.

Things might look a little wonky here and there over the next few weeks. If you happen to notice something, drop me a comment!