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It's [Well Past] Transition Time

As the last full refresh of was fully thirteen years (!?!) ago, ca. 2006, one can say it was time for something new.

I'm super glad I had built the old site out with a tableless and (for its time) clean and well-structured design. While it's been a bit dated for several years, with the exception of the site itself not being terribly responsive (for mobile and alternate screen sizes) it's had a good run.

I've had a few failed starts at a refresh over the last three years. The primary driver this time was a shift in my underlying hosting. For various reasons (namely ease of implementing LetsEncrypt for SSL), I moved to a different hosting plan. This action alone has allowed me to port over all the "old" stuff and maintain its operation, but in a different way than before which makes it less gnarly to test other CMS's in parallel with the parent/primary.

So that's where I'm at. Still tweaking the various bits for the new look (thanks, Drupal!) but as of go-live cutover of the "physical" host and all of the old site materials things are pretty solid.