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The Drupal Learning Curve

To embrace the cliché, "The best laid plans of mice and men..."

I was on track.

It was going to happen.

The new site was to be launched as expected.

But my perfectionist side jumped in and started nagging:

If you fix that one thing'll be better.

That function needs some adjustment before you should go live.

Are you sure that style/block/node/view is the right one?

What about all that old stuff currently out of scope for the initial launch?

And so it continued...and so I didn't make this happen when I wanted. BUT, it will happen. And it will be better. And fewer things to clean up will be necessary.

The root takeaway is simply that as I worked out various kinks and made adjustments, I've found better or more streamlined ways to accomplish it in Drupal--ways I'd not previously encountered in v7. Thus enters the learning curve (and at one time three separate Drupal instances in various states of disarray).

And so we wait. Next week, will happen.