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Matthew Zaske
Obtaining full-time employment where I can use and enhance my skills in computer networking, programming, administration and support services, assisting the company in the achievement of their goals and aiding in their growth.
1998 - 2003
University of Minnesota, Morris - Morris, MN
B.A. Computer Science
September 2009 - Present
University of Minnesota, Morris, MN
Web Application Developer/Windows Server Administrator
  • Web application developer for the University of Minnesota, Morris, focusing on enhancements to the campus website and features for audiences both external and internal to the University. Basic Linux server administration as necessary for web development functions.
  • Server administrator for Windows-based machines housed in the datacenter.
March 2008 - September 2009
University of Minnesota, Morris, MN
Technology Transfer Coordinator
  • Coordinator of data management systems for the University of Minnesota, Morris Campus Biomass Gasification facility.
  • Webmaster and web application developer (related to the Biomass Gasification facility) for the University of Minnesota West Central Research & Outreach Center.
March 2008 - June 2008
Sunrise Software, Morris, MN
Development Consultant
  • Part-time software engineer and consultant for continuing development of agricultural data management applications.
  • Assist with maintenance of existing applications.
February 2004 - March 2008
Sunrise Software, Morris, MN
Software Engineer/IT Manager
  • Software engineer and product development manager of agricultural data management applications for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows CE (PocketPC) devices. Code is primarily written in Object Pascal/Delphi (for Windows environments) and Visual Basic .NET/Visual Studio .NET (for Windows CE environments).
  • Implemented and deployed data management solutions for scaling data from a central server to desktop machines to handheld devices using our software applications.
  • Miscellaneous work completed in PHP with a MySQL database for web applications.
  • Engineered and implemented a cryptographic program registration schema to prevent software piracy. This was done in both Object Pascal and PHP to automate an online registration process for clients.
  • Engineered and implemented an entirely automatic web update & patch management system using PHP connected to a MySQL database containing program registration data. This was done to ease patch management for the company and enable less-confusing patch downloading for end users.
  • Wired a complete in-office 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Network with support for wireless connectivity using well-defined and tested EIA standards.
  • Set up and maintain network servers for data, Internet connectivity, and group collaboration projects.
  • Maintain office workstations; oversee virus and spyware prevention/removal; application support and general maintenance.
  • Oversee upper-tier service and support of our software applications.
  • Assist with first-contact help and support of our software applications as necessary.
  • Assist with hardware configuration and generic hardware/connectivity support for our applications.
  • Webmaster for the company website and intranet.
2001 - 2007
RCW ISD #2890, Renville, MN
Director, One-Act Play
  • This 'temporary' (approximately 2.5 months each year) position included the selection and casting of shows as per Minnesota State High School League guidelines, carrying out rehearsals, and coaching students in drama as a performance art form.
  • The student troupe has won several awards in the time I was at the helm of this program. My personal goal was to give each student a push to perform his/her best in a competition setting.
September 2005 - Present
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Morris, MN
Financial Secretary
  • The Financial Secretary position entails processing the income stream of the church. This is primarily managing the counting of offerings for each service, ensuring that all funds are accurately recorded and deposited into the appropriate accounts.
  • Additionally, this position includes the management and recording of contribution amounts for each member and producing a year-end report for each member's tax purposes in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with the church treasurer to ensure funds are appropriately distributed.
2003 - 2004
RCW ISD #2890, Renville, MN
Director, Three-Act Play
Theatre Program Director
  • This temporary position (approximately 3.5 months) entailed the selection, production, and design of the school's yearly major theatrical production. I brought back musical theatre to the community in the first school-sponsored musical production in over ten years.
  • As Program Director, it was my responsibility to oversee theatrical budget spending each year, hold semi-regular student body (drama club) meetings to approve revenue and expenditures, and oversee all aspects of school-sponsored productions.
  • I was in charge of this program until the Three-Act Play was cut from the school budget in 2004.
February 2002 - August 2002
Info-Link Wireless, Inc. Morris, MN
Sales Associate
  • Assisted management through an expansion while introducing a new wireless Internet service by making frequent contact with current and prospective residential/commercial customers. I helped market their services and assist in developing new marketing strategies.
November 2000 - April 2004
Subway of Morris, Inc. Morris, MN
Sandwich Artist
  • Working at Subway has given me valuable experience in sales and teamwork. During my time there, I elected to do certain managerial tasks such as bank deposits, bookwork, and orders while the general manager was unavailable.
September 1998 - March 2002
UMM Admissions Office, Morris, MN
Data Entry/Correspondence Coordinator
  • Data entry of prospective students gave me valuable experience with a large database, including use of large-scale mail merging software and general office experience.
  • Beginning in the fall of 2000, I began coordinating information requests of the office, including data entry of incoming requests, e-mail confirmations regarding requests, and management of replies through the PeopleSoft system.
May 1996 - October 2000
RCW ISD #2890, Renville, MN
Technology Assistant
  • In 1996-1997 I worked as a full-time summer technician (3 month position) - fixed, maintained, and installed computer equipment and workstations, corrected network issues, and provided technical support and training to users on a newly formed network.
  • In 1998, worked full-time during school breaks as the same, including partial responsibility for inventory control.
  • 1999-2000, worked mostly as a network specialist. I installed/maintained a new web/email server in 2000 as part of the overall web and email goals for the district. I maintained their small telephone system (~75 extensions, no voicemail) as necessary. In addition, I helped maintain their extensive Wide-Area Network between four separate buildings and provided technical support and training to network users.
Hobbies & Interests
  • Since 1997 I have done freelance work, mostly in repairing, upgrading, and building new home computer systems. This has allowed me to stay fairly up-to-date on new hardware and software available to end-users.
  • I've also set up home network systems to use for file, printer, and Internet connection sharing.
  • I have designed and implemented my own extensive home network. This setup consists of a Fedora Core Linux server at the heart, three workstations (Macintosh and PC), and a networked HP LaserJet 5 printer. To my home network I provide (and maintain) print and distributed file systems, Internet firewalling and routing service, time synchronization, local WWW intranet, DNS (name), DHCP (autoconfiguration) services, and email services.
  • Miscellaneous home improvement projects, including construction, wiring (low voltage and 120V electrical), plumbing, etc.
  • I have been doing web-development work as a hobby for several years and have been using many different software/server applications and design approaches.
  • My current interests are in network management and support, cryptographic applications, web development and collaboration/help systems utilizing group-oriented content, fine-tuning my website development skills with MySQL and PHP, and enjoying the theatre arts.
Volunteer Experience
2006 - Present
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Morris, MN
Church Council Secretary
  • As church council secretary, it is my duty to attend all meetings, accurately record the minutes, and play an active role in church business. Additionally, responsibilities include managing any communication necessary (thank you cards, etc.) as directed by the council.
2002 - 2004
Renville, MN
Vice-President, Friends of the Arts Organization
  • The Friends of the Arts non-profit organization (FOTA) was formed in January 2002 as an arts enhancement program for the local communities of the Renville County West school district. This organization helps bring activities to the communities and supports extra-curricular activities within the district.
  • As an Executive Board member, it was my duty to help oversee the operations of the organization and lead the organization to a successful use of its monies within the communities it supports.
Summer/Fall 2000
University of Minnesota, Morris - Morris, MN
Orientation Group Leader (OGL)
  • I took part in an intense 5-day OGL training camp during the days prior to new student arrival. As an OGL, my duties included assisting a group of students with the basics of college life. OGLs attend a series of programs and sessions with their student groups to help with their transition. There is also free time used to help students get accustomed to college life, including time to find classrooms, purchase books and supplies, etc. The OGL fosters (in many ways) the way most incoming students gain practical knowledge about survival in a post-secondary world and become the first friends of several incoming students.
1998 - 2001
University of Minnesota, Morris - Morris, MN
Tour Guide/HOTtie
  • Tour Guide: duties consisted of introducing groups of people to the University of Minnesota, Morris during a one-hour time period. Organizational and storytelling skills were necessary to keep things interesting. I developed an extensive knowledge of background information regarding the campus and its quirks (building/name histories, common myths) and always enjoyed giving tours.
  • HOTtie: Hall Orientation Team: duties included assistance of incoming students - moving and directing traffic, general help and assistance, and making their move as quick and easy as possible.
Encrypted Broadcast: A Scheme for Key Management
  • Published in Seminar Conference Proceedings VII, University of Minnesota, Morris Computer Science Discipline, Fall 2001.
Available upon request
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