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Below is a brief view of my work producing and directing theatrical productions.

Gaslight Girl
Gaslight Girl
Gaslight Girl was the 2003 RCW Community Ed production, and the first school-sponsored musical in over ten years. This house and street setting was my favorite set piece of the production.
The Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage
Last Touchy-Feely Drama
These 'color commentators' of a theatrical production are wrapping up their show. It begs the question whether or not they actually wear pants behind that desk.
The Diary of Adam & Eve
Diary of Adam & Eve
Based upon the Mark Twain work, this production included ladders (representing trees) and animals (a tiger and dodo bird).
Deliver Us Not!
Deliver Us Not!
Three fetuses discuss and ponder what happens in life after birth. Note the appropriate 'exit' from the womb and the umbilical cords.
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