Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Network Services

Computer networks have become an integral part of many homes and businesses. This development brings with it many new challenges and requirements for ensuring appropriate connectivity throughout your home or business.

I have set up several home and small business networks, ranging from new construction to retrofit installations. The list below outlines some of my network service options:

  • Residential or Small Business network installation
  • Voice, Video, and Data distribution
  • New construction or retrofit installation
  • High-performance wired connections
  • High-performance Leviton Integrated Networks components
  • Wireless (802.11) integration availability
  • Perimeter Firewall Systems
  • Internal Network Server Management

Voice, Video, AND Data?

Not necessarily. I have set up all three systems in various installations. Office settings generally only require data networking. Residential Installations often (but not always) include telephone (Voice), television (Video), and computer (Data) distribution.

Is It Necessary?

A properly designed and maintained voice/video/data network for home or office will provide years of functional service. Wireless components are an integral part of any robust network; however, there are numerous instances where wireless options need the backing of a capable wired network. Accessibility between floors is an excellent example of a common bottleneck for wireless-only systems.

What About Maintenance?

In most cases, once set up a wired/wireless network will require very little maintenance. Server management and Perimeter Firewalls generally require periodic updates to provide continued support and protection.

Network Connectivity
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