Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Media Conversion

I have convered (upgraded) media of several types to more current technology (e.g. old records to CD format, VHS to DVD). This service is billable per hour, with a rate to be determined upon consultation. This process often turns old inaccessible media into accessible media for use in current A/V equipment.

My most favorite media conversion project was a couple's wedding service. The service had been recorded and put on 78RPM records (a set of five; ten sides of playback) and for lack of a capable turntable hadn't been played for 25 years. This conversion was done for use at their 50th Anniversary celebration.

Conversions Available

I am capable of converting to the following formats:

  • 78RPM Record -> CD
  • 45RPM Record -> CD
  • 33-1/3RPM Record -> CD
  • Reel-to-Reel Tape -> CD
  • 8-Track Tape -> CD
  • Cassette Tape -> CD
  • 8MM -> DVD**
  • VHS -> DVD
** I cannot currently digitally capture 8MM video; therefore, if some quality loss is not acceptable, I recommend a few professional video conversion companies that specialize in 8MM video.
CD in hands
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