Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Database Applications

Since 2003 I have been offering custom database development solutions for small businesses. I have vast experience in database engines including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, which allows me ultimate flexibility in determining and deploying an application of the appropriate size and nature for any given purpose.

Scope of Systems

I have developed several types of applications, from standalone (e.g. installed on a single computer) databases, to client-server (shared or distributed data), to web-based applications. Each type of application has its own merits; the choice of application is completely dependent upon the client's intentions.

Desktop & Client-Server Systems

I have developed dedicated applications to be used for customer data management, inventory control, order processing, and invoicing/accounts receivable purposes.

Web-Based Systems

I have developed web-based applications to be used for website news management, systems requiring user login, and data content/management.

Distribution & Availability

I have generic applications available for near-immediate distribution/use, and I can also make custom adjustments or build a custom database solution for your needs as well.

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