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My Biography

I grew up on a farm several miles outside of a town in southwestern Minnesota in the year 1980. The first computer to which I had access was an IBM PC with an 8088 (functionally similar to the Intel 8086 processor). It had two 5 1/4" floppy drives, no hard drive, and a green monochrome monitor. Computers progressed through the years, and I eventually used an 80286 and 80386 as the upgrade cycle took place. My first "multimedia" computer was based on an Intel 486SX processor, and did that fly compared to the previous models. Interestingly enough, the 486SX machine was also the first I ever dissected and reassembled simply out of curiosity. My first venture on the Internet took place in December, 1996, on the same day a computer with the mighty Pentium processor arrived. Upgrades have continued ever since that time.

Throughout my childhood years I developed a very active imagination (a necessity when your nearest neighbor is several miles away), an aspect of my personality that I wouldn't give up for anything. As a kid on a farm, I did the normal stuff -- drive when I was very much under age, learn how to operate large pieces of equipment, bale hay on what always seemed to be the hottest day of the year, learn how to make one's own entertainment, and learn to appreciate the 'little things' in everyday life more than the seemingly catastrophic events of one's lifetime.

When I was twelve years old, I nearly cut the tip of my right index finger off while assembling a bandsaw (it didn't get caught in the blade). I used a gas chainsaw while completely unsupervised (in hindsight this probably wasn't as great an idea as it seemed at the time, but there were no injuries or accidents). I also got a serious case of road rash while attempting to jump the road we lived on. Come to think of it, my twelfth year probably wasn't the best idea to mention here. Memories.

I went to high school at Renville County West (external link) (formerly BDRSH) and college at the University of Minnesota, Morris (external link) majoring in Computer Science and an undeclared Theatre Arts minor.

I got married to my amazing wife Beth in 2002 and began a new and exciting chapter in my life. Our first child, Kirstin, was born in March, 2007 and has opened up a completely new chapter in my life: fatherhood. She's an incredible addition and an amazing little baby.

I am an avid DIY'er -- since purchasing our house in 2004, I have tackled many interesting and fulfilling projects. From painting to plumbing to electrical and beyond, I've tackled many projects that have presumably saved us some serious cash. And there's the ending satisfaction of knowing it works, is safe, and was done without paying a professional.

I also thoroughly enjoy the theatre and other fine arts (a killer piano riff of any type will melt my heart). I am the One-Act Play director at Renville County West (external link) during the months of December and January. I make it a point to attempt to see one major theatrical production at least once every other year, and more often if possible. I have always had a love of the theatre -- the magic, the mystery, and the live audience. I've performed in numerous on-stage roles and just as many off-stage roles, and I find it an excellent way to perfect social and interpersonal skills.

In addition to Kirstin (our true offspring), we have two indoor cats (George, an orange tabby and Felix, a tuxedo cat) and two outdoor dogs (Koshka and Kurva, two red siberian husky sisters).

My Overall Employment History

  • Web Application Developer/Windows Server Administrator -- University of Minnesota, Morris
  • Technology Transfer Coordinator -- University of Minnesota, Morris/WCROC
  • Software Engineer, IT Manager -- Sunrise Software
  • Financial Secretary -- St. Paul's Lutheran Church
  • Sales Associate -- Info-Link Wireless, Inc
  • Correspondence Coordinator -- UMM Admissions Office
  • Subway Sandwich Artist -- Subway of Morris
  • One-Act Play Director, Renville County West ISD #2890
  • Three-Act Play Director, Renville County West ISD #2890
  • Theatre Program Director, Renville County West ISD #2890
  • Technology Assistant, BDRSH #3001/RCW #2890
  • Technial Support, Enestvedt Seeds
  • IT Manager/Database Engineer, Enestvedt Seeds

My Overall Theatre Experience

  • Producer/Director Roles
    • RCW - Deliver Us Not! (2007 One-Act)
    • RCW - Aberration (2006 One-Act)
    • RCW - The Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage (2005 One-Act)
    • RCW - The Diary of Adam and Eve (2004 One-Act)
    • RCW - Gaslight Girl (2003 Three-Act, Musical)
    • RCW - Making Choices (2002 One-Act)
    • RCW - Candid (2001 One-Act)
  • Collegiate Theatre
    • UMM: The Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe - Co-lighting designer (2001)
    • UMM: Wiley & The Hairy Man - Stage Crew (2000)
    • UMM: Cabaret - Head of Stage Crew (2000)
    • UMM: The Three Cuckolds - Coviello (1999)
  • High School Theatre
    • BDRSH: Endgame - Clov (1998)**
    • BDRSH: The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review - Worfle (1998)
    • BDRSH: The Worst High School Play in the World - Brother Rico (1997)
    • BDRSH: The Boys Next Door - Norman (1997)
    • BDRSH: Enter Pharoah Nussbaum - Archie (1996)
  • Other Roles
    • Stevens County 4-H - Share The Fun Program Judge (2009)
    • Stevens County 4-H - Share The Fun Program Judge (2008)
    • Stevens County 4-H - Share The Fun Program Judge (2007)
    • RCW - Murder's In The Heir - Set design & construction (2000)
    • RCW - Ordered/installed new stage draperies for the high school (2000)
** This production received a 'starred' rating at the 1998 Minnesota State High School League One-Act Play competition, the highest honor given to a production at the high school level.
Matt and Beth
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