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CUT TO the middle of the forest. SIR LAUNCELOT is riding along with a trusty servant, CONCORDE.

LAUNCELOT: And ... o v e r ... we go!

He strides over a big tree trunk ... his "horse" does run and jump ...

LAUNCELOT (enthusiastically): Well taken, Concorde!

CONCORDE: Thank you, sir, most kind ...

LAUNCELOT: And another!

CONCORDE misses a beat.

LAUNCELOT: Steady! Good ... and the last one ...

CONCORDE does the run-up with the coconuts. He does the break for the leap ... there is a thwack. SIR LAUNCELOT is waiting for the horse to land.

CONCORDE: Message for you, sir.

He falls forward revealing the arrow with the note.

LAUNCELOT: Concorde - speak to me.

He realizes he might be in danger and so starts to crawl off ... when he notices the note. He takes it out and reads it.

LAUNCELOT (reading): "To whoever finds this note - I have been imprisoned by my father who wishes me to marry against my will. Please please please please come and rescue me. I am in the tall tower of Swamp Castle."

SIR LAUNCELOT's eyes light up with holy inspiration.

LAUNCELOT: At last! A call! A cry of distress ...

He draws his sword, and turns to CONCORDE.

LAUNCELOT: Concorde! Brave, Concorde ... you shall not have died in vain!

CONCORDE: I'm not quite dead, sir ...

LAUNCELOT (a little deflated): Oh, well ... er brave Concorde! You shall not have been fatally wounded in vain!

CONCORDE: I think I could pull through, sir.

LAUNCELOT: Good Concorde ... stay here and rest awhile.

He makes to leap off dramatically.

CONCORDE: I think I'll be all right to come with you, sir.

LAUNCELOT: I will send help, brave friend, as soon as I have accomplished this most daring, desperate adventure in this genre.

CONCORDE: Really, I feel fine, sir.

LAUNCELOT: Farewell, Concorde!

CONCORDE: It just seems silly ... me lying here.

SIR LAUNCELOT plunges off into the forest.

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